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Safeguard Yourself from Major Claims and Lawsuits with Umbrella Insurance

Our offices provide umbrella insurance to protect your assets and your future against extra liabilities.

  • AARP discount

  • Homeowner discount

  • Loyalty discount

  • Best rates and plans

Don't let a large loss ruin the business you've worked so hard to build. Get a commercial umbrella insurance from Crosby-Nelson Inc. today. This way, you can protect the assets you have today by getting added insurance coverage where you need it most. Call us right away!

Personal Umbrella

Why umbrella insurance is a good idea for you

Ridgeland and Colfax leading insurance providers give you

Get an insurance policy from a good provider.

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It goes above the limits of your homeowner's and auto insurance policies and covers you in case of false arrests, libel, slander, etc. There may be situations that arise during which your regular homeowner's policy and auto policy won't provide sufficient coverage. That's when the umbrella insurance policy is helpful. They come at rates that are easy on the pocket too!

Commercial Umbrella

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